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Snowy Mountain Sunset

Heart Within Yoga

"Let's make yoga special."



Heart Within Yoga was created to share my love and passion for yoga with you. ​I discovered yoga at the point of my life, when I wasn't well. Practising yoga helped me to get my life back, both physically and mentally. I found sense of peace and joy in my life once again. 

Special Needs is  my professional background. I have the great privilege to work with children and adults with special needs and elderly people. It felt only natural to combine these two passions of main together. I want to show You that yoga has no limits and everyone can practise it. Yoga is a unity of the body, the mind and the breath. Practising yoga will help to create space free from blockages in your body and mind. Yoga is a perfect way to achieve a physical and mental freedom. Through practising yoga, I am eager to help others , especially those with additional needs, to break the physical and mental boundaries together and to live  life to the fullest!




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